Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time: Part 2

I have a philosphy: early is on time, and on time is late. I like to be early. Work, church, baby showers, events, you name it. When I played sports in high school, my team was always told to get to practice at least 15 minutes early, and be ready to go by the time practice started. I can only remember a couple of times when one girl was late, and we all ran our butts off. In the rain! Uphill!

In my old age, I have come to realize that not everyone thinks being on time is important. Now, I totally understand that things breaks down, baby is fussy, flat tire, traffic, etc. All that has happened to me. But to be late for no reason, all the time? Dang, that's a good way to really get under my skin. I have also learned that punctuality is a quality that must be taught and instilled. I am so thankful I was involved in sports because it taught me that being on time is important, and its a life long quality. It seems so simple, but for some, its so difficult to be ontime. Tardiness is down right selfish, and if you are a cronic tardy person, I say this with all the love in my heart!

So in conclusion, teach your children the importance of being on time. Be the example. Put them in extra-curricular activities that will teach them this quality. And when they become an adult, and its down to two people for that dream job, and your kid shows up first, gets the job, and becomes a millionaire, you will thank me. And you are welcome.

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  1. We are kindred spirits in this, Julie. On time is late, Amen! You better believe my kids will be taught the same thing!